Welcome to the UlaArt magic of shapes and colors!

I am addressing this call to every inexhaustible truthseeker. It is not easy to define the truth but I believe that every one of us is defining their own. That one is the only one that exists.

On these pages, I am sharing my vision of the truth; the beauty underneath the surface, vast spaces beyond the reach of reason and newly discovered forgotten worlds.

If some of that energy overlaps with yours and you would like to carry a part of that creation, the doors are open - just open the eyelet for the contact.

Welcome to the UlaArt magic of shapes and colors!

Gallery Magic

In the ancient times of the old continent, inside a forest, there played fairies, elves and other creatures. Through their game, they created stories in the stones, treetops, water reflection and have left a magic silver-gold fairy dust behind them.

The legend says: “whoever decides to follow the fairy steps, will follow the steps of their soul on the way to eternity...”

Note: the pictures are photographed with amateur equipment.
Gallery Various

Note: the pictures are photographed with amateur equipment.

Creative painting workshops

“The colors are inside of us”

Interactive workshops through which you will come into contact with your own inner world of insight and cognition. In an indirect way through music, movement, dance and visual art expression you are opening up to messages from that part of yourself which hasn’t forgotten how to live the maximum of their life potential in a creative and spontaneous way.

Working techniques: exercises from body-oriented therapies, dance, drama techniques, voice techniques, guided visualisations, meditation techniques, art therapy. Although we are using different techniques in our workshops, most of the attention is being given to creative painting.

No knowledge of visual arts is required. Just bring your good will and the rest will come by itself!

More details about the workshops can be found on the Facebook UlaArt page.

Energy treatments

Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. (Albert Einstein)

The energy is all around us. It is not limited either by space or time. As we ourselves are only energy, this same rule of the Universe applies to us as well.

With the help of healing energy paintings and sounds I am performing energy treatments: relax on the table for relaxation and calm your mind. With the visual stimulus of pictures and colors “travel” to some less known spaces of your soul, without moving from the spot. Feel how your past and future are being connected into a timeless present which is the only real one and which gives you answers and guidance to all your current questions. Every experience is individual and every person receives what is most important to them in the moment.

The energy treatment lasts for one hour. Appointments are made by phone or email.

About me

How to express in a few words who I am? Simple, I am an ordinary explorer of life! And if through my own exploration I can inspire others to do the same, there is no happier person than me because knowledge is here to be spread further.

I passed courses in body-oriented therapies, art therapy, clinical psychology and energy work. It brings me joy to attend drama education workshops. I love to dance, act, sing and explore techniques of voice discovery. I love to keep my hands busy in creation, so I paint, make jewelry and decorate various objects.

It fulfills me to work with children and adults through workshops and individual treatments. In my work I combine techniques which I adopted through my continuous education in fields of personal development, but I always incorporate my own ideas and cognitions. No matter which techniques I use, I try to help people, in a creative and relaxing way, to reach their own core and to live their lives to the fullest.